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    The Twilight Saga: New Moon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage

The new Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn Pt.1) is actually awesome. I saw it on November 17th in a midnight show (technically, it was a Wednesday) and I kinda like it… it’s almost as good as the first movie (A movie that I also like) and the book.

Is there any other Twilight and Radiohead fans here?

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    Hearing Damage | Thom Yorke
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  4. riverdmv answered: yep, me
  5. enaticosencantados answered: : Me me me me me! :D
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    As much as I despise the Twilight movies, the soundtracks are fantastic.
  7. notsmaug answered: I went to see Twilight 7 times, New Moon 8, Eclipse 1 (I hated it) and Breaking Dawn just one (But I’ve got 2 tickets for saturday hahaha)
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